Just-in-time static site server

Just-in-time server and static site generator written in Node.js. Rosid transforms your files on-the-fly before serving them to the browser.

[Rosid] Access URLs:
Local: http://localhost:3000
[Rosid] Serving files from: /Users/tobiasreich/Sites/Rosid Site/src
[Rosid] Watching files...
[Rosid] Starting handler: EJS index.html
[Rosid] Finished handler: EJS index.html
[Rosid] Starting handler: SCSS assets/styles/main.css
[Rosid] Starting handler: JS assets/scripts/main.js
[Rosid] Finished handler: SCSS assets/styles/main.css
[Rosid] Finished handler: JS assets/scripts/main.js
    "name": "JS",
    "path": "assets/scripts/**/[^_]*.js",
    "handler": "rosid-handler-js"
    "name": "SCSS",
    "path": "assets/styles/[^_]*.{css,scss}*",
    "handler": "rosid-handler-scss"
    "name": "EJS",
    "path": "[^_]*.{html,ejs}*",
    "handler": "rosid-handler-ejs",
    "opts": {
      "data": "data.json"

Your Project

Install Rosid, create a rosidfile.json and start the server. That's it! Rosid handles the rest for you.


Rosid's build-in server serves any kind of file and invokes a configurable function (handler) for every file that passes. This allows Rosid to transform code on-the-fly.

Your Browser

Your browser stays in sync with your project and receives the transformed files from Rosid.


Handlers are functions that load and transform files. They're the heart of Rosid.


Rosid combines technologies and workflows you might already be familiar with. It's not about reinventing the wheel. It's about making good what's already nice.

Real-Time Transformation

Rosid is a server with live-reloading that transforms files as soon as you request them. No need to save pre-processed files anymore.


Use technologies and a project structure you are familiar with. We won't force you to use what we use. That's why Rosid is as flexible as possible.


We don't reinvent the wheel. Rosid is powered by popular modules like Browsersync and only adds a small, modular layer on top of it.

Compile and Deploy

Don't want to use the built-in server? Export static files using your existing handlers and host your site anywhere.


Transformed files will be cached once requested, making Rosid insanely fast and developing a joy.


Rosid can be used as a library or as a command line utility, which allows you to run its functions without adding JS-files to your project.

Get Started

Want to get started with Rosid? Grab the source and documentation from GitHub or play with our ready-to-rock boilerplate.